Precise control of a machine’s rail lift system is the key to fast, efficient old tie removal and proper insertion of new ties with minimum distrubance of the track structure. Harsco Track Technologies’ TKO Tie Remover/Inserter can provide you with this precise control. It removes or inserts ties in one piece with minimum disturbance to the track structure by precisely controlling rail-to-tie clearance with its distinctive rail lift system.

Technical Specs
Weight 27,250 lbs
Length 25'
Width 9' 6"
Height 10' 6"

Frame: Welded structural steel I-beam construction with reinforced center section and integral corssmembers; equipped with built-in derail skids, key-hole tied-down slots, tow hitches front and rear, and four frame-mounted lifting eyes.

Engine: Cummins 6 BTA5.9-P; liquid-cooled, turbocharged and aftercooled diesel

Travel Speed: 27 mph

Wheels and Brakes: 24" (610-mm) tread dia. cast steel, demountable; AAR Profile, insulated available; Clasp-configuration, tread-type adjustable shoe brakes with actuator and two composition shoes at each wheel; service brakes air-applied; parking brakes spring-applied, air-released, with automatic brake actuation in case of air pressure loss


Electrical System: 12-VDC, negative ground

Hydraulic System: Main Circuit - closed-center system; Auxiliary Circuit - open-center system; Operating pressure 2,500-psi (172-bar); Pump - Main Circuit - Variable displacement piston pump, powers all machine circuits; Pump - Auxiliary Circuit - Fixed displacement vane pump, supplies hydraulic cooling system; Reservoir - Closed system, hand-operated fill pump w/ filter, temperature and fluid level gauges; Oil Cooler - Air to oil, airflow from engine cooling fan; Filtration - suction strainers - return line filter, ISO 14/11 filtration available; Control Valves - Manifold-mounted, 12-VDC solenoid operated, four-way directional valves; Other - 12-VDC electric auxiliary pump

Air System: Compressor - 13.2-cfm (6.2-lps), single stage, reciprocating piston, engine gear driven; lubricated and cooled by engine systems; Operating Pressure - 100 to 125-psi (6.9-8.6-bar); Other - Air dryer, moisture ejection valve, reservoir

Other Features

Cab: Fully-enclosed, noise-isolated cab has sliding entry doors on each side, large front windshield, sliding rear window, and multiple side windows for excellent work and trravel visibility; adjustable operator seat is equipped with integral control consoles and folding armrests; a separate console to the left of the operator's seat houses instruments and controls for the engine, lights, horn, etc.; foot pedals control travel and braking. Other - eqiupped with circulation fan, interior lighting, and windshield wiper w/ washer; various mirros and lighting groups are available

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