The KTC 1200 Tie Handling Crane is a heavy duty crane used for moving ties/sleepers of up to 1200 lbs. (544 kg) at a radius of 24 ft. (7.32 m) from the track center. The all welded, reinforced construction of the upper deck and mainframe withstands loading, and provides long life to the equipment. Its powerful arm rotates 360 degrees and can be outfitted with a tie or basket grapple. The minimal tail swing reduces the possibility of fouling the adjacent track, improving the efficiency of the tie gang.

Technical Specs
Weight 22,000 lbs
Length 31' (extended) 18' 4"" (retracted)
Width 9' 5"" (extended) 13' 5"" (retracted)
Height 8' 5"

Frame: Heavy duty all welded reinforced construction to withstand loading and provide long life. Minimal tail swing to reduce the possibility of fouling the adjacent track (on 11’-6” centers).

Engine: Cummins Model QSB4.5, 110 hp, Tier 3, 24 Volt

Wheels and Brakes: 16” cast steel wheels. Service brakes are air applied, spring released; and parking brakes are spring applied, air released on all wheels.


Hydraulic System: Pressure compensated pump (direct coupled to engine) provides power for propel and all boom/grapple operations. A doublegear pump (coupled to pressure compensated pump) continuously cools/polishes the hydraulic oil and powers the hydraulically driven A/C.

Other Features

Cab: Fully enclosed cab includes ergonomic seat with joystick controls for all boom operations. Air conditioner with heater and pressurizer are standard equipment. Equipped with travel lights, work lights, brake lights, strobe light, horn and fire extinguisher.

Options: Series/Parallel propel system, Extended cab, Insulated wheels, Basket grapple, Two tie grapple, Lockable toolbox, Lexan windows, Rear window wiper, Bumper kit, Emergency shutdown, Brush cutter attachments, Hand pump for hydraulic oil fill, Hydraulic test station.

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