The Shuttlewagon Commander series defines railcar switching operations for today’s needs. Powerful, versatile, and dependable, it incorporates the most advanced technologies available to ensure that safety and reliability are never compromised.

Technical Specs
Weight 43,000 lbs
Length 242”
Width 10'
Height 130.5”

Frame: Heavy-duty - 2.5” deck plate

Engine: Cummins QSB 6.7 US EPA Tier 4, 195 HP @ 2,300 RPM

Wheels and Brakes: Four (4) 24-3/4" (629mm) diameter cast steel heat-treated rail guide wheels. AAR standard 56.5" (1435 mm) rail gauge; ABS vehicle brakes, Anti-slip traction control, Independently actioned railwheels are pneumatically supported rubber drive tires for greater traction and reduced rail movement shock loading.


Electrical System: 12 volt DC 160 amp. Alternator with dual 950 CCA batteries.

Hydraulic System: Constant pressure hydraulic system with 5 gallon, piston-type accumulator backup.

Other Features

Cab: The full-width crossover cab has full 360-degree visibility, 72” ceiling height, sliding windows, and a 180-degree rotating console. On-rail operations can be conducted from either side of the two four-way positioning operator seats on either side of the cab. Ceiling-mounted defroster fans, map lights, red/white dome light, and power adapter receptacles are easily accessible.

Options: Air bell, Air cleaner (pre-cleaner), Broom (rotary), Cab air filter (two-stage pressurized), Corrosion resistance, Fire extinguisher, Heater (engine oil pan – Cummins QSB/QSC), Heater (fuel tank), Heater (hydraulic oil reservoir), Heater (transmission oil), Ice breaker, Lube system (automatic), Lube system (single point), Mirrors (front right-hand side), Mirrors (heated front left-hand side), Mirrors (heated front right-hand side), Radio remote control, Rail air reservoir (100-gallon capacity), Rail wheel flange lubricators, Rail wheel continuity, Remote vehicle monitor/ShuttleTrak, Seat (high-back with headrest), Spark arrestor, Switchman II, Snow plow (adjustable V), Spotlight (cab front / remote control), Tire (foam filled), Tire (nitrogen filled), Train air auxiliary (rear only), Work lights (cab – LED)

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