The CX Hammer- Production Spike Driver uses a hammer-style reciprocating driving action that:
– Drives spikes in with 2,200 lbs of spiking down force,ensuring strong and stable connections
– Bends less spikes, requiring fewer manual pulls and re-drives while reducing spike waste

Technical Specs
Weight 28,750 lbs
Length 25' 8”
Width 8' 6”
Height 9' 10”

Engine: John Deere 4045TF, 99 HP, four-cylinder, turbo diesel-fired (140 HP engine required with auto spike feeder option)

Travel Speed: 25 mph

Wheels and Brakes: 16-inch diameter, cast steel; Four-wheel shoe type, spring-actuated, hydraulic-release


Electrical System: 24 Vdc (dual 12V DC batteries), 1150 cold-cranking amps

Hydraulic System: Vickers PVH Series pumps, Vickers manifolded control valves

Other Features

Cab: Dual-operator, enclosed climate-controlled cab; seating for: - Two spike gun operators and one feed tray operator (without auto spike feeder option) - Two spike gun operators (with auto spike feeder option)

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