Ideal for moderate raises: The HST, a squeeze-type tamper, is ideal for switch tamping at moderate raises. Highly productive, the HST is known throughout the industry for its traversing workheads, performance speeds, simplicity in operation and maintenance, as well its high degree of dependability. In addition, the smaller footprint allows the HST to work in much tighter areas than other tampers.

Robust workheads/tamping tools system: The 16 Tool HST includes four workheads operating at 3200 VPM in tamping power. While the workhead carriages are normally configured to work simultaneously, each side can be operated independently if the conditions require it.

Technical Specs
Weight 28,000 lbs
Length 20' 4"
Width 10’ 6”
Height 10’ 4”

Engine: John Deere 6.8L, Tier III

Travel Speed: 30 mph

Wheels and Brakes: 24-inch forged steel wheels, Four-wheel hydro-dynamic brakes


Electrical System: 24V Vdc (two 12V batteries, 1150 cold-cranking amps)

Hydraulic System: 2750 travel psi, 1650 work psi (relief cartridge)

Air System: Engine-mounted compressor, 14 cfm @120 psi

Other Features

Cab: High Visibility Climate-Controlled Enclosed Cab

Options: High Intensity LED Work and Travel Lights, Installation of Tier IV Interm Engine Skid, Turntable Warning Light & Buzzer, 6' Tow Bar w/D Handle Hitch Pins, Stauff Test Point for Engine Oil Sampling, Remote Coolant Filter Loop, Hydraulic Fill Pump W/Stainless Tube, Schroeder Hydraulic Test Mates, Electric Emergency Pump, Hydrex XV Hydraulic Oil, 12V 20 amp MOW Radio Circuit, Dedicated Cab Fan for Operator, Hydraulic Reservoir Temperature Gauge in Cab, DOT Reflective Tape, Perimeter Lighting Package, "Danger Live Track" Signs at Entry/Exit Points Retractable Belt Style, Installation of Customer Supplied Decals, Security Tool Box, Additional Book Storage Box 12" X 13" X 4", Remote Fluid Drains - Color Coded, Extra Parts/Operation/Maintenance, Manuals 6 extra @ 85 each, High Pressure Hydraulic, Filter Kit, Track Tool Box 8" X 8" X 68", Cycle Counter, Low Hydraulic Oil - High Hydraulic Oil Temp Alarm, Cab Window Shades on Side Rear and Back Upper Windows Only

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