NVX Seroes capacity range is 38,000 lbs to 85,000 lbs tractive effort, single or double coupled. The Navigator Series is capable of moving up to 60 loaded railcars without weight transfer coupling. Spawned from the success of the more lengthy SWX840, launched in 2011, the Navigator Series includes four shorter models. Each Navigator model highlights the only mobile railcar movers in the business to utilize a pivoting drive axle and rail guidance system all in a single assembly. The system is very similar to the drive trucks on a locomotive which are allowed to pivot and turn along the rails. Product improvement focus includes enhanced rail stability, better performance in poor weather conditions, improved tire life and the ability to navigate up to 70 degree track curvature. The Navigator Series by Shuttlewagon is the pinnacle in mobile railcar moving.

Technical Specs
Weight 101,000 lbs
Length 296”
Width 10'
Height 143.5”

Frame: Heavy-duty 5"x120"x310" deck plate

Engine: Cummins QSL 9.0 U.S EPA Tier 4 Final (electronic), 300 HP @ 2200 RPM

Wheels and Brakes: Eight 16" (406 mm) diameter AAR profile austempered ductile iron guide wheels. One (1) each at front and rear of reach drive wheel. Rail gauge is 56 ½" (1435 mm); Air-over-hydraulic-actuated high-pressure ABS disk brakes (dual caliper on rear disc). Dual master cylinders (each axle).


Electrical System: 12 volt DC 160 amp. Alternator with dual 950 CCA batteries.

Hydraulic System: Constant pressure hydraulic system with 2.5 gallon, piston-type accumulator backup.

Other Features

Cab: Totally enclosed 360-degree visibility, sound insulated, full width 120" (3048 mm), 60" (1524 mm deep), 72" (1829 mm) ceiling height. Two (2) air-ride, "high back", 4-way positionable operator seats- one on either side of the cab. 180-degree rotating operator's console with modern, color digital display. Rear coupler alignment camera. Cab air conditioning.

Options: Air bell, Air cleaner (pre-cleaner), Broom (rotary), Cab air filter (two-stage pressurized), Corrosion resistance, Fire extinguisher, Heater (engine oil pan – Cummins QSB/QSC), Heater (fuel tank), Heater (hydraulic oil reservoir), Heater (transmission oil), Ice breaker, Lube system (automatic), Lube system (single point), Mirrors (front right-hand side), Mirrors (heated front left-hand side), Mirrors (heated front right-hand side), Radio remote control, Rail air reservoir (100-gallon capacity), Rail wheel flange lubricators, Rail wheel continuity, Remote vehicle monitor/ShuttleTrak, Seat (high-back with headrest), Spark arrestor, Switchman II, Snow plow (adjustable V), Spotlight (cab front / remote control), Tire (foam filled), Tire (nitrogen filled), Train air auxiliary (rear only), Work lights (cab – LED)

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