Rail normalisation is a safety requirement when laying new continuous welded rail system wherever climate variation happens – days & nights in the southern parts of the globe, and seasonal time periods in the northern parts of the globe.

Technical Specs
Weight 23,000 lbs
Length 30' 5"
Width 7' 9"
Height 9' 4"

Engine: Cummins Electronic Turbo-Charge Diesel Engine, 4.5 or 3.8 Liters

Travel Speed: 20 mph

Wheels and Brakes: Standard Gauge 56" 1/2 (1435 mm); Diameter 22" 7/8 (580 mm); Hydraulic service braking; Sping applied parking break


Electrical System: 24 volt system; digital instrumentation system; 2 LCD 2.8" HMI display for real-time statistics and diagnosis data

Other Features

Cab: 216 interior cubic feet; HVAC system; Auxiliary heater; Insulated; Bi-directional swivelling seat with ergonomic controls on armrests; Pressurized cabin with smoke filter; 2 passenger seats; Access door on both sides; 2 side steps with grab handles

Options: Remote control system package; Double front vibrators and air nozzle; Double auxiliary heaters; Extension cart coupling-ready package; Fire suppression kit

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