The multiple use Racine Dual Anchor Adjuster will squeeze all types of rail anchors when used in a wood tie replacement gang; or to re-tighten rail anchors in a surfacing gang operation; or during rail replacement in a quality control application. Rail anchors do not have to be removed and reapplied during wood tie replacement operations allowing for increased productivity and longer rail anchor life.

Technical Specs
Weight 19,000 lbs
Length 22' 7"
Width 8' 5"
Height 10' 2"

Frame: Structural steel frame with derail skids, key hole tie downs, rubber bumpers.

Engine: A variety of Tier 4 engine packages are available.

Travel Speed: 30 mph

Wheels and Brakes: Cast steel wheels for long wear, self aligning roller bearings and axle locks for safe operation.


Electrical System: 24 volt system with circuit breakers for lights and accessories.

Hydraulic System: 58 gallon hydraulic reservoir with clean out covers, guarded fluid level and temperature gauge.

Other Features

Cab: Comfortable Climate Controlled Cab. Excellent visibility for alignment and repositioning anchors allows a single operator to adjust all anchors under all field conditions. Side egress for safe operator exit in congested areas. Workhead barriers cover exposed areas.

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